Registry FAQ
Registry FAQ

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I'm just beginning the registering process. Why should I register at

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Great products and features for you:
  • Your Wedding Registry is universal. Anything available for sale on can be added to your registry, including small appliances, cutlery, cookware, books, electronics, and even sporting equipment. In addition, when you get the universal button you can add more products to your registry from any website. Now you really can register for practical, must-have items and fun, fanciful gifts all in one place!
  • That you will receive a 10% Completion Discount or up to 20% if you are an Prime member. You will receive the discount 30 days after your event date to help you kick off your new life together with savings on items in your Wedding Registry and across our site. Restriction apply.
  • All orders of $25 or more of eligible items across any product category also qualify for FREE Shipping.
  • Bonus gifts for purchases made by your guests
  • Thank You List feature allows you to track which guest has purchased which gift for you
  • Extended free 180-days returns are easy through our Online Returns Center
What is a universal registry?

Sometimes you'll find things you want to add to your registry when you aren't browsing the website. That's OK--you can still add those items to your Wedding Registry with the Universal Registry Button.

The The Universal Button is a browser button that will let you add items to your Registry even if they aren't listed on the website. Once downloaded, just click the button in your browser while on any webpage. The box that appears will have a drop down to let you choose "Wedding Registry" as the list to add the item to. Available on desktop only. Click here to get the button

Creating and Updating a Registry

I just created my registry. Why doesn't it come up when I search for it?
  • It may take up to fifteen minutes for your new registry to become searchable.
Will my guests be able to access my Wedding Registry from other wedding websites?
  • Wedding Registry is partnered with to make it easier for your guests to find your Wedding Registry and your other registries all in one place. It may take up to 72 hours for your newly created registry, or any changes you make to your registry information, to appear on
I created a registry, but I can't edit it. How can I edit it?
  • You must be logged in to edit your registry information or add items. If you find your registry by searching for it but are not able to edit it, try signing in (if you are not already signed in), or try signing in with a different account. It's possible to have multiple accounts at under the same e-mail address. To sign in, click the sign-in link at the top of the registry view ("If this is your registry, click here to sign in").
Can my partner also manage our registry?
  • Yes! You can invite your partner to manage your registry by following the steps outlined here.
Can I see who purchased items from my registry?
  • Items purchased directly from your registry will be displayed in your Thank You List.
How can I tell my guests about my registry at Wedding?
  • At the top of your registry you can use the "Share with friends" options to share via email, Facebook or Twitter. (*Please note this option will not appear if your registry is set to private.) Your registry also has a unique URL, which can be found at the top of your registry. Public registries are also available to your guests by searching under your name at
My partner and I will be traveling and/or moving soon after the wedding. Can we have our gifts shipped somewhere else during that time?
  • We do not currently have a way to hold gifts at this time. If you are going to be out of town or unable to accept packages, you might want to consider having gifts sent to a friend or relative who can hold the packages for you until you are able to collect them. You can update your shipping address at any time from the "Manage Settings" link under the section "About You".
Can the items on my Wedding Registry be shipped internationally?
  • Some items are not available for international shipping. If your registry or the registry you are purchasing from has an international shipping address you will be notified when you place your order if the item cannot be shipped to that address. See our shipping policy to learn more.
How will I know if items on my registry have gone out of stock?
  • If an item you've added to your registry is no longer in stock, you will see the message "This item is currently unavailable" under the price of that item at the right-hand side of your registry. If you'd like to remove the out-of-stock item from your registry, click "Delete". For similar item suggestions, you can view the product detail page
Adding Items to Your Registry

How do I add an item to my registry?
  • Any physically shippable item for sale at can be added to your registry. Start by browsing the website or searching for items you want. Once you have navigated to an item's product detail page, click the button on the right side of the page with the words "Add to Wedding Registry." (The button is located below the "Add to Cart" button.) The product will then be automatically added to your registry. To edit quantity, priority, add comments or delete and item, visit your registry under the section "View Registry Items" and click on the product you want edit and a pop-up will allow you to make changes.
How do I add an Gift Card to my registry?
  • You can access the gift card page here. Once you are logged in the "Add to Wedding Registry" button will appear on the right side and you can click "Add to Wedding Registry."
Can my guests buy me an Gift Card?
  • Guests can always choose to give you a gift card from your Wedding Registry. Whether there's little time to choose, or they want to give you the added flexibility, Gift Cards are one of our most popular wedding gift choices. We understand if you'd prefer not to give your guests this option, you can contact customer service to turn off this feature and we would be happy to help.
One of the items I want to add to my registry is being sold by another website. How does this work?
  • You can add any item available for sale on to your registry. Merchants are independent, third-party sellers who offer a variety of merchandise for sale through the site. When your guests purchase from one of these third parties, their order will be fulfilled directly by the merchant, who also handles all customer service, including returns. In many cases, a single item may be offered by both and one or more Merchants. In these cases, your guest may decide which seller to purchase from. For more information, visit our Merchants Help section.
Enabling Group Gifting for your registry

Can my guests provide partial contributions toward my gifts?
  • Yes! You can enable the Group Gifts setting on your Wedding Registry. This allows your guests to contribute a partial amount to items on your registry. Group Gift contributions will be received as Electronic Gift Cards, redeemable only by the registry’s primary owner to their Gift Card Balance.
How do I turn on Group Gifts for my registry?
  • You can enable Group Gifts at any time, either during the initial creation of your registry or by visiting the Manage Settings page after your registry has been created. After enabling the feature, you will be prompted to choose a dollar amount, and any item on your registry with a price equal to or over that dollar amount will be automatically enabled for Group Gifts.
How do I redeem my Group Gifts?
  • Group Gift contributions will be received as Electronic Gift Cards, redeemable only by the registry’s primary owner to their Gift Card Balance. To redeem all or a portion of your Group Gift contributions, ensure you are logged into the primary registry owner’s account, and click on the item in your registry. This will allow you to see the current Group Gifting balance for that item and click to apply the contributions to your Gift Card Balance. You can also manage and redeem your Group Gift contributions from your Thank You List. Group Gift contributions are not locked to a specific item on your registry, and once redeemed to primary registry owner’s Gift Card Balance, they can be used towards other items on
Can I turn off Group Gifts for individual items on my registry?
  • Yes! You can enable or disable Group Gifts for any individual item in your registry by clicking on the item, where there is an option to edit its Group Gifts settings.
Can my partner help manage our Group Gifts?
  • Yes! Your partner can manage the Group Gifts settings for your registry and for individual items if they are signed up as your registry’s Secondary Owner. However, only the Primary Registry Owner can redeem a Group Gift contribution.
Will my Group Gift contributions include taxes and fees towards my item purchase?
  • No, just the base price. Any applicable taxes and fees will be added to the item price once you add the item to your cart, and will not be included in the total price of the gift that your guests make Group Gift contributions towards.
How can my guests contribute a Group Gift?
  • Once you have enabled Group Gifts on one or more of your items, your guests will be able to see the amount already contributed as well as the remaining contribution amount available for that item. They can click the ‘contribute’ button to provide a Group Gift contribution in an amount of their choosing. This feature is similar to buying a gift, but guests get to choose a dollar amount instead.
What happens if I don’t receive the full amount towards a Group Gift?
  • No problem! All Group Gift contributions will be received as Electronic Gift Cards and redeemed only by the registry’s primary owner to their Gift Card Balance. Group Gift contributions are not locked to a specific item on your registry, and can be used towards other items on If your Gift Card Balance is not enough to cover the total price of a gift, you can cover the difference with other payment methods to complete your purchase.
Can I return a Group Gift?
  • Once you’ve redeemed a Group Gift contribution and used it to purchase an item from your registry, the item is eligible for the Wedding Registry’s 180-day extended returns window. If you use your Gift Card Balance to purchase an item not on your registry, it will be subject to's standard returns policy.Your guests’ Group Gift contributions cannot be returned or transferred, and can only be redeemed by the registry’s primary owner to their Gift Card Balance for use.
What happens if I delete an item from my registry that has already received a Group Gift contribution?
  • If you delete an item from your registry, you can still retrieve and redeem the Group Gift contributions for that item from your Thank You List. Please ensure you are logged into the primary registry owner’s account to redeem your Group Gift contributions.
What happens if I delete my registry with unredeemed Group Gift contributions?
  • When you delete your registry, all unredeemed Group Gift contributions will automatically be redeemed to the primary registry owner’s Gift Card Balance.
Deleting a Registry

How do I delete a registry I no longer need?
  • To delete a registry, go to "Manage Your Registry" and will find a delete button at the bottom of your "My Registry Information" page.
Finding a Registry

I can't seem to find a couple's registry, although I'm sure they registered at How can I find it?
  • If you are having trouble finding a registry, try limiting the amount of information you provide. The only piece of information required in the search fields is the last name of either registrant. Further information will help to narrow the search, but less information will display more results
Purchasing from a Registry

Will the registry owner know that I bought them a gift even if I don't add a gift card?
  • All gifts purchased directly from a registry are recorded for the registry owner in their Thank You List. This feature tells the registrants which items were purchased for them and who purchased each gift.
Can I get FREE Shipping on the gifts I purchase?
  • If you purchase registry items that are sold by (and not a third-party seller) your purchase may qualify for FREE Shipping (restrictions apply, please see shipping information for more details.)
I’d like to purchase the couple a gift card from their Wedding Registry but don’t see the option. How does this work?
  • Some couples choose to remove the option for their guests to purchase an Gift Card through their Wedding Registry and have it shipped directly to their address. You may still choose to purchase a Gift Card from our Gift Card Store, by shipping it to yourself or manually entering the couple’s address.
The gift I want to purchase is being sold by a third-party seller. How does this work?
  • Many items for sale on are offered by independent, third-party sellers known as Merchants or Marketplace sellers. When you purchase from one of these third parties, your order will be fulfilled directly by the merchant, who also handles all customer service, including returns. You will make your payment, however, through using Payments. The vast majority of third-party orders are covered under the A - Z Guarantee.

    If the registrant has not opted to share their shipping address with third-party sellers, you will have to provide the shipping address in this case.

    You may notice the phrase "Gift options not available" (i.e., gift wrap or a gift card) underneath items offered by Merchants. Please note that the recipient will still know that gift is from you, as every wedding registry contains a "Thank You List" feature that lists all items and their purchasers.

The gift I want to purchase is a universal item and appears to be from another website. How does this work?
  • When you browse a registry, you may see items listed with a "Shop this store" button. These are universal items. If you want to buy one of these items, you can click "Mark this item as purchased" and you will be prompted to enter your information. You will then be sent an email to complete the process. This will mark the item as purchased on the registry. You will still need to purchase the item from the other store and provide a shipping address. does not handle transactions for these items and our A-Z guarantee does not apply to these transactions.
Returning Gifts

Can I return gifts purchased from my registry?
  • Returning gifts is easy with Items purchased from your Wedding Registry as a gift can be returned within 180 days of delivery for free. Please note that items purchased by the registry owner themselves are subject to the standard 30 day Return Policy. Visit our Online Returns Center to print out a mailing label, and then mail the package back to Don't forget to save your packing slip, as it is helpful to have the Order ID to request the mailing label. If you don't have a packing slip for your item, please initiate the return process through Customer Service on your Thank You List page. Once the return is received, you'll be sent an Gift Certificate for the value of your return. (Don't worry--the gift giver won't know the gift was returned!) Please visit our Gift Returns Help pages to get all the details.
How do I return a gift purchased from a third-party seller?
  • For orders placed through a third-party seller, customer service (including returns) is handled by that seller. If your gift was shipped directly to you, it should have included a packing slip with the order number (e.g. 123-1234567-1234567). You can use this order number to create a self-service return through the Online Returns Center ( If you do not have the order number, you can contact Customer Service (link to our direct-line/email/chat to Registry CS) for assistance if the gift was purchased through your Wedding/Baby Registry.
How do I return a gift purchased from another website and not
  • For gifts purchased from stores or websites other than, customer service (including returns) is handled by that seller. has no control over your experience once you leave our website, and the A-to-Z Guarantee does not apply to these orders.
Tracking Packages

Can I track a package that someone bought for me from my registry?
  • At this time it is only possible for the purchaser to track a package. Please contact customer service to get information on packages that are being sent to you as gifts.

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